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GNG Driving School
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Review & Dmv Driving Test

This session is for the day that your DMV driving test is scheduled!  90 minutes before the driving test is scheduled you may meet us at the school office, or we can pick you up at your residence, or where ever you prefer.  We will review the DMV driving test sheet and criteria, and practice some maneuvers on the way to the DMV office for your appointment.  This is the perfect time to ask any last minute questions!  When we arrive at the office we will assist in checking in for your appointment by taking you to the designated window and providing our registration and insurance for our vehicle you will be using.  The instructor will wait in the vehicle with you until the DMV examiner arrives to take you out for the examination (the instructor should help you calm those nerves).  After the examination, you will be taken back to your desired destination!

After payment is made please call or come into office to schedule an appointment.


Review & Dmv Driving Test, Only $150.


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