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Behind The Wheel Driver Training

Driver Education

This Behind-the-Wheel Training package will help you become a more safe and confident driver, and prepare you for the DMV driving test!  We will start off by teaching you the basics, and then go on to teach you the more complex situations of driving.  Free pickup at your home, school, work, or where ever you prefer (within 15 miles radius of office), or you may meet instructor at the office to start your lesson.  If you feel you need more than 6 hours of training, you may purchase additional lessons at a discounted rate.  We normally give a 2 hour lesson in a day which is the maximum time allowed per session by DMV.  You must have the Instruction (Learner’s) Permit from the DMV before you can start the lessons.

This 6 hour package is required for minors (under 18 years old – provisional drivers; see TEEN INFO tab). It is the minimum number of hours required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles for a minor to take the behind-the-wheel driving test and acquire the California Driver License (per California Vehicle Code, a minor can not drive on the public highway until he/she has taken the first driving lesson, and the instruction permit is signed by a Licensed Instructor).  For minors, once all the required lessons are completed, the DL400D Completion Certificate will be issued which is required by the DMV for a minor to take the driving test  (it is required by DMV that a minor have his/her instruction permit at least 6 months before the driving test can be taken).

After payment is made please call or come into office to schedule an appointment for the first lesson!

Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training, ONLY $300.


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